Year 7 Parents Information Eve Thurs 14th Sept 2017 (For new Year 7’s starting in September 2017)


Sent out 20th July 2017:

Dear Parents and Carers,

Termly Report

Your daughter will be bringing home her report today, or on Friday if she is boarding.

All report comments are written in relation to the progress your daughter has made against her Statement or EHCP Objectives, in addition to subject specific comments.

Your daughter has read through her report with a member of staff; however it would be beneficial if you could also read through the report with her.

I would appreciate your comments on the report, there is a feedback sheet enclosed.

Yours sincerely,
Janine Chippington
Assistant Headteacher


Sent out 14th July:

Dear Parent/Carers,

I am writing to advise you that after a thorough review, we have written some new guidance and this will replace our Anti Bullying Policy. The new document  Guidance for the promotion of respect, tolerance, socially acceptable behaviour and developing responsible citizens can be found on our website.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the guidance, please contact me.

Yours sincerely

Emma Phillips
Deputy Headteacher

Guidance for the promotion of respect tolerance socially acceptable behaviour and developing responsible citizens July 2017


Sent out 13th July 2017:

Safeguarding Issue

Please read and share

“Snapchat map update raises child safety worries”

Recently Snapchat, an app which is sued by many children and young people, launched a new feature. Snap Maps allows users to see the location of their contacts. This feature allows other to accurately pinpoint where you are. There are three possible privacy settings:

  • Ghost mode, where only you can see your position
  • My Friends mode,  where any contact can see your location; and
  • Select Friends mode, just those who you choose can see you

Childnet have posted a thorough explanation of Snap Maps and how to ensure users stay safe

Introducing ‘Snap Maps’ – the new location sharing feature …

Today Snapchat introduced a new feature, the ‘Snap Map’. This location based map allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, as well as …

How to switch off Snap Map location sharing:

  • When in photo taking mode, pinch the screen to open Snap Map
  • Touch the settings cog in the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap “Ghost Mode” to switch off location sharing
  • Photos and videos posted to Snapchat’s public “Our Story” will still be discoverable on the map


Behaviour Policy (sent out 4th July 2017)
Operation Encompass (sent out 3rd July 2017)
End of Term arrangements and Breck Foundation Parents Workshop (sent out 28th June 2017)
Science Museum Trip (sent out 23rd June 2017)
Godalming NAS Focus Group Flyer (sent out 25th May 2017)

‘Anxiety through the autism lens’ conference flier 18.05.17

West Wittering Trip (sent out 15th May 2017)

Blue Whale & 13 Reasons Why (sent out on 3rd May 2017)


The following was Parentmailed on 28th April 2017:

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached the curriculum overviews for this term, they are also available on the school website.

The curriculum overviews outline the topics covered in each subject area over the term. Key words and technical vocabulary is identified for each topic and subject. The most useful column for you as parents is the middle column, this gives a wide range of ways that you can support your daughter’s learning and progress, ranging from useful websites to suggestions of places to visit.

If you have any queries regarding your daughter’s progress please contact me.

Kind regards,
Janine Chippington
Assistant Headteacher

Curriculum Overview 7H Summer 2017
Curriculum Overview 7R Summer 2017


The following was Parentmailed on 20th April 2017:

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a result of the Parent Questionnaire I have noted that some parents are unclear about the progress their daughter is making and how to support them at home. If this is an area you are unclear about I would be grateful if you could let me know a little more detail in order for me to address this in a way that is useful to you. Please feel free to email me or give me a ring, please could you do so by Friday 28th April.

Kind regards,
Janine Chippington

Headteacher’s Newsletter April 2017

Year 7 Day of Dance (sent out on 29th March 2017 to selected students only)

Maths and tutor groups (sent out 17th March 2017)

Student Attendance (sent out 3rd March 2017)
Student Attendance Policy January 2017

The following was Parentmailed on 1st March 2017:

Dear Parents, Carers and Families,

I would like to update you regarding our procedures for contacting the school about medication.

Please note that all medication sent into school must be in its original packaging with a current and correct prescription label. It is your duty to inform Jennie Flint (Deputy Head of the Residential Provision) of your intention to send medication in to school by email at and to copy Miss Phillips, Deputy Head ( into your correspondence.

This change has occurred as Sarah Taylor, our Residential Keyworker with responsibility for Health and Wellbeing, has moved on to pursue other interests. We wish Sarah luck for her future endeavours.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wild



Dear Parents, Carers and families,

I am writing to inform you that Ofsted are conducting their annual residential inspection of the school.

The inspection will start today, Wednesday 22nd February at 12 noon, and will conclude on Friday 24th February 2017 at the end of the school day.  I attach a letter from Ofsted outlining the process, and inviting you to contribute your views about our residential provision via parentview. (

If you have any questions about the inspection or the process please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Mrs Wild
Limpsfield Grange LetterforParentsAndCarersAboutWelfare-OnlyInspectionsSchools


One of our Year 7 parents is a parent representative for Family Voice and has asked we send this out: Lenehan Review Response

Headteacher’s Newsletter February 2017

7R Outdoor Learning (sent out 9th February 2017)

Pantomime (sent out 12th January 2017)


Dear Parents, Carers and Family,

At Limpsfield Grange we are keen to work in partnership with parents, carers and families to ensure that our provision meets the needs of our students.

Each year we undertake to gather your views about your daughter’s experience at Limpsfield Grange, via a parent survey.  A link to the survey will be sent to you, in an email later this week, from Ruth Thorogate of Truth Marketing.  Ruth has worked with us on our parent surveys for a number of years.  Your responses to the survey questions are anonymised and are collated into a broad ranging report for the Leadership Team of the school.

If you have any questions about the parent survey please do not hesitate to contact me.  I would be happy to discuss the matter with you.

Kind regards,
Mrs Wild
(sent out via Parentmail on 10th January 2017)


Absence Procedures (sent out 9th January 2017)
Headteacher’s Newsletter December 2016
Homework letter (sent out 21st December 2016)
Diary Dolls letter (sent out 16th December 2016)
KS3 Food Technology contribution (sent out 12th December 2016)


This was Parentmailed on 13th December 2016:

Good afternoon,

Many thanks to everyone who was able to support the Christmas Fair on Saturday.  We raised just over £1000!
We are very grateful for your help in raising this fabulous sum.

Linda Bunn


This was Parentmailed on 2nd December 2016:

Good afternoon,

Many thanks to all those who supported our Quiz Night last Saturday.  It was a great evening and we raised the fantastic sum of £322!
Just a gentle reminder that the next FOGS meeting is on Monday evening (5th December) at 7.30pm in the Chalet.

Many thanks,
Annie Bullen, FOGS


Letter to Year 7 Surrey parents – Registering your interest in a Residential placement (sent out 2nd December 2016)
This letter has also been sent to Year 7 parents who reside outside of Surrey with the following note:
Please find attached a letter regarding access to our residential provision that is being sent to our Year 7 Surrey parents today.  I just wanted you to be aware that it was being sent home, in case you wish to pursue this with your placing Local Authority.
Mrs Matthews (Reception)

This was Parentmailed on 2nd December 2016:
I have been asked by several parents how to purchase raffle tickets for the Christmas Fair if they are unable to attend.

I have been informed that if you send in money in an envelope stating what you would like it spent on i.e. raffle tickets, then Mrs Salter will ensure that tickets are bought on the day on your behalf.

As we don’t have a lottery licence we can’t legally send tickets home before the fair on the 10th December 2016.

Many thanks.
Mrs Matthews (Reception)

Healthy Snacks (sent out 25th November 2016)
SRE letter (sent out 22nd November 2016)
SRE leaflet (sent out 22nd November 2016)


This was Parentmailed on 22nd November 2016:

Dear Parents and Carers,

Below is a link, for interested parents, to a research survey to investigate the experiences of parents with autistic children.

Kind regards,
Mrs Wild


Please note this letter has not been sent to all parents – only those whose daughter takes medication
Medication policy letter to parents (sent out 18th November 2016)
Medical consent form (sent out 18th November 2016)


The following was sent out on 18th November 2016:

Good morning everyone!
Just a gentle reminder that Monday 21st November is an INSET day.
School will resume at the normal time on Tuesday 22nd November 2016.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs Matthews/Reception


Christmas Fair house charity letter (sent out 9th November 2016)
Emerald house charity letter (sent out 9th November 2016)
Sapphire house charity letter (sent out 9th November 2016)
Ruby and Topaz house charity letter (sent out 9th November 2016)
Letter to parents about Christmas Fair (sent out 9th November 2016)
7Honly – Visit to British Wildlife Centre (sent out 8th November 2016)
Year 7 Parents Evening on Tuesday 15th November (sent out on 2nd November)
Headteacher’s Newsletter October 2016
Medication policy and procedures letter (sent out 21st October 2016)
Medical Consent forms (sent out 21st October 2016)
FOGS Family Games Night on Saturday 26th November (sent out on 20th October 2016)
CAMHS/ASD parents letters (sent on 14th October 2016)


This was Parentmailed on 17th October 2016

Good afternoon everyone,

Please see link below to Family Voice Surrey.

One of our Year 7 parents is a parent representative for Family Voice Surrey and has asked we send out the link.
I am assured it won’t take long and will give you a chance to have your say!

Many thanks.
Mrs Matthews

Headlice (sent out 17th October 2016)


This was Parentmailed on 14th October 2016:

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you are well.

Surrey County Council have received notification that Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission will be inspecting the SEND services from Monday 17th October 2016. Ofsted are keen to hear the views of parents and carers about SEND services across the county.

The lead inspector, Siân Thornton, is organising a special webinar next week specifically to give parents and carers the opportunity to highlight their views and experiences of SEND services in Surrey. All parents and carers are invited to participate in the webinar, which takes place at 8.30pm on Wednesday 19 October 2016.  

If you would like to take part in this event you would be welcome to do so by following the link  

I wish you all a peaceful weekend.

With kind regards,
Mrs Wild


‘Protect and Respect’ NSPCC Parent Workshop on Wednesday 9th November
Whole School Disco on 18th October (sent out 30th September 2016)
Residential Newsletter 30th September 2016
Student Privacy Notice 2016 (sent out 29th September 2016)


School Lockers

The following was Parentmailed on 23rd September 2016:

Good morning,

I am writing to advise you that we have a limited number of available lockers that your daughter may use during the school day to store her equipment.

There is a £3.00 deposit for a key, which will be returned at the end of Year 11, on return of the key.

Payment should be made by Parentpay and keys will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

Kind regards,
Di Hill
Teaching Assistant


School Uniform Labelling

The following was Parentmailed on 22nd September 2016:

Good afternoon everyone,

Please ensure all items of your daughter’s clothing (jumpers, coats, cardigans, PE kit etc) are clearly labelled with her full name.
Unfortunately if clothing isn’t labelled we have no way of knowing who it belongs to and therefore we cannot return it to its rightful owner.
We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Mrs Matthews


Year 7 Parents Information Evening presentation (sent home 21 September 2016)

Dear Year 7 Parents, Carers and Families,

Many thanks to those of you who attended our Year 7 Parents Information Evening on Monday 19th September 2016.
I hope that you found the evening useful and informative.
I attach my information from the evening, as requested by some parents.

With kind regards,
Mrs Wild


Archived newsletters/letters for information:

Headteacher’s Newsletter July 2016
Nut free school
Uniform order form – Polo Shirts
Uniform order form – Jumpers
Headteacher’s Newsletter May 2016
Ofsted Residential Report March 2016